General Information


You have arrived at the official website of the Cleveland Card Game Players (CCGP). We are very confident that you have found one of the most unique card-playing social organizations in the world. As you read on, we are sure you'll agree!

While we were once just a single group featuring games from all six of the playing card hotpots of Europe (Central Europe (formerly Austria-Hungary), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland), we have now split into six groups, or divisions, each focused on the games of one of these regions. This new format allows each member of CCGP to join only the divisions in which they have an interest. Those who are of an Italian background may only be interested in learning and playing games of Italy. Players from France may wish to stick with French games, while those from Germany may only be interested in playing Skat or Schafkopf. We actually have several examples of this type of regionally-focused card player in the CCGP, and this new arrangement gives them the ability to focus on their preferred games, without the frequent distraction of emails announcing games in which they are not interested.

Those of you who don't have a preference for one European region over another can have your passion for a wider variety of card games satisfied by joining multiple divisions, even all six if you are adventurous enough!


The six divisions of CCGP are as follows:


    1    CENTRAL EUROPEAN GAMES DIVISION: Currently featuring games such as Schnapsen, Bauernschnapsen, and Tapp Tarock from Austria; Mariáš from the Czech Republic, Zsírozás from Hungary, and Tarok from Slovenia.


    2    FRENCH GAMES DIVISION: Belote and Tarot are the two most popular card games in France, and as fun as they are, one is rarely left wanting for any others.


    3    GERMAN GAMES DIVISION: Skat, the national game of Germany (think "Bridge" in the US), and its less complicated, more social, cousins, Schafkopf and Doppelkopf, are the games most often played when more than 2 players are present. However, two players can thoroughly enjoy an evening of Sechsundsechzig (Sixty-six). This is the original game of Sixty-six, before it was brought to the US and changed to accommodate 4 players in teams. It's a real thinker, and considered by many (alongside its Austrian version, Schnapsen) to be one of the best two-handed games in the world.


    4    ITALIAN GAMES DIVISION: Scopa is one of the great classics of Italy, While very easy to learn, continued play reveals it to be chock full of strategic complexities. Other popular games are Briscola and Tressette. If you are not sure which CCGP division to start with, pick this one. The games are all easy to learn, and therefore easy to teach to your friends and family. They also make great entertainment on pizza night!


    5    SPANISH GAMES DIVISION: We normally play Brisca or one of the many variations of Tute, but have also been known to indulge in the popular vying game known as Mus.


    6    SWISS GAMES DIVISION: When it comes to card games in Switzerland, there is but one word, Jass. So much an obsession is this family of games in Switzerland that many folks there refuse to be caught without a deck of Jass cards in their pocket, or at the very least, in their car. The most popular game in this family is the 4-player Schieber-Jass, but if only 3 players are present, we play either of two variations, Coiffeur or Mittlere.


Thinking about joining? Click here for some necessary financial details, as well as links that you can follow to join any, or all six, of our groups!